Mindset Magic

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You will receive a video each day for 30 days that will help you to delve deeper within your inner wisdom.  Bite sized videos with methods to help you shift your energy enabling you to live more in alignment to who you really are.


4 reviews for Mindset Magic

  1. Mary Flanagan (verified owner)

    This class was the necessary step to push me to the next level of my learning and my life! I appreciate Lacey’s strategic strategies in making one small change each day to manifest what’s next.

  2. Kay (verified owner)

    Lacey really pulls it all together with this course, like a sneak attack (in a good way) I found myself being more creative, joyous, prosperous, and well feeling magical! Her strategy and sage guidance worked to help me shift out of surviving into thriving! Thank you Lacey!

  3. Jenny Davis (verified owner)

    This course was transformational for me in looking at how my beliefs (story) in different areas of my life were keeping me from pursing my heart’s desire. I loved the short bursts of brilliant assignments! Bite size instructions that gave me the confidence and desire to keep up with the daily work I was able to identify and start to let go of what is not serving me. I feel more aware of repeating patterns that keep me stuck. I enjoyed her fun, short exercises — from setting a timer throughout the day and checking in with myself, creating rituals and journaling exercises to manifest my big vision. I love Lacey and her upbeat, positive style! She is a life coach with a psychic twist! She truly believes in me and what I can accomplish. Thank you and can’t wait for Mindset Magic 201!

  4. Jolene Bellows (verified owner)

    Lacey is so full of fun and vibrancy in each of her video coaching sessions that one is inspired to do her fun homework assignments as well as ardently follow through on her hints for capturing thoughts, ideas, and plans into a handwritten journal. I tend to let things swim around in my head, but found that writing in a journal is not only affirmation of learning, but a resource to revisit as needed when progressing through my identified areas to improve and manifest. For once in my life I boiled down the most important things I wanted to focus on in my big picture and found they were fewer than I thought. With that accomplished, the next level focus tips provided seemed much easier to apply in expanding my thinking on reaching my goals or taking the initial steps needed to move in that direction. Her guidance helped to not only get my big picture components solidly identified, but to nail down and understand the components needed to further explore and expand actions within those pieces at the detail level. I agree with others who liked the short video segments that were a combination of background information, encouragement, practical thoughts and wisdom, and assignments designed to fully engage me, the student, in the process and by doing so create the change that I was seeking through exploring the Mindset Magic experience. Lacey invests a great deal of herself in all her offerings and the Mindset Magic course is no exception. I love her sense of adventure on our behalf.

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